60 degree GU10 LED bulbs

For when 36 degrees is too small but 120 degrees is just too wide and noticeable in your eye line, you may be looking for a 60 degree beam angle LED GU10 spot bulb – and they have just arrived!

Dimmable 5W GU10 LED (SMD, 60 degree) Warm White

They are the same physical size as a halogen bulb making them a great retro-fit option and are available in warm white (3000K), cool white (4200K) and in dimmable or the cheaper non-dimmable version. The SMDplus design with an innovative optical lens for perfect light distribution achieves better illumination (LUX) and has a CRI of >85 for vivid colour performance (according to the box).

They have a manufacturers suggested average life of 30,000 hours and are rated at just 5w making a massive saving of over £100 per year versus a 50w halogen bulb – and saving 1.6tonnes of CO2 over a 3 year period (when used for just 6 hours per day and based on electricity emissions of 0.54tonnes per 1000kwh).

We suggest you give them a try today!

If you have other GU10 LED requirements (beam angle, colour spectrum, dimmable etc), why not check out our LED GU10 Chooser!


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