Celestia II fan with graphite blades

Ceiling fans are not only serviceable and stylish but save energy too!

Celestia II fan with graphite blades
Celestia II fan with graphite blades

For year-round comfort and maximum energy savings, Westinghouse ceiling fans include a reversible switch that allows ceiling fans to be used during cool or warm weather.

During the summer months keep your home cool by running your ceiling fan counter clockwise to allow air circulation throughout the room. It’s no secret that ceiling fans are more cost-effective than air conditioning units. Ceiling fans require very little energy to run, typically from 10-60w depending on fan speed. They can also be used in conjunction with pre-existing central air systems, which will allow you to get the most out of your energy usage. On the summer setting it can make a room feel up to 8 degrees cooler.

In the winter months, run your ceiling fan clockwise to re-circulate warm air from the ceiling, eliminating cold spots and drafts. Because heat rises, redistributing the warm air will allow your central heating system to work more efficiently, which can lower your heating bills by up to ten percent.

Whether you want to accent your room with a decorative fan, save money on energy consumption or make a room feel cooler or warmer, ceiling fans can do it all.


Selecting the right size ceiling fan for every room in your home

Maximise air flow by installing an appropriately sized ceiling fan for your room:

Room size: Fan size:
For rooms up to: 12 qm use 78 – 94cm (30″ – 36″) ceiling fans
For rooms up to: 15 qm use 105cm (42″) ceiling fans
For rooms up to: 20 qm use 112 – 122cm (44″ – 48″) ceiling fans
For rooms up to: 25 – 30 qm use 132cm (52″) ceiling fans and larger
For rooms bigger than: 30 qm The use of more than one ceiling fan is recommended

qm = cubic metres


Check Ceiling Height

Room size and ceiling height are important issues when selecting your ceiling fan. Be sure to choose a ceiling fan that bests suits your home.

  • Low ceilings: Install a hugger ceiling fan or fans without down rods
  • Standard ceilings: Install ceiling fans with or without down rods.
  • High ceilings: Install fans with extension down rods.
  • Sloped ceilings: Install fans with extension down rods.

For optimum performance, ceiling fan blades should be at least 2.4m from the floor, but no higher than 2.8m. For ceilings 2.8m and higher, an extension down rod is required to bring the fan down to the proper height. Many Westinghouse ceiling fans can be fitted with down rods, please contact us for more information and pricing.


Design meets comfort with Westinghouse fans

The latest product line from Westinghouse include elements that unite to create a more beautiful, relaxed, or energy-efficient home.

Westinghouse has been a trusted name for generations, each product that bears their name has been engineered and thoroughly tested to meet or exceed high quality standards. A trusted name for over 120 years, Westinghouse guarantees the construction of it’s ceiling fan motors with a 10 year warranty.

Jet Plus fan with wengue and silver blades
Jet Plus fan with wengue and silver blades


Bendan ceiling fan
Bendan ceiling fan

2 thoughts on “Ceiling fans are not only serviceable and stylish but save energy too!”

  1. Wanted to know more on specifics of energy consumption on the Celesia II, 3 graphite blade ceiling fan as think of getting one.

    So, wanted more on cost in money to run, how much to keep it on for 9 hours lowest setting? And what the equivalent usage – is it like leaving a light bulb overnight, if so what wattage light bulb.

  2. Hi John

    The wattage of the fan is shown with the details and for this fan is dependent on speed: fast: 50.2w, medium: 25.6w, slow: 12w (excluding light).

    So if you use the fan on it’s lowest setting, it will use the same as a 12w light bulb, or approx half of a 25w light bulb – not much at all, but more than many LED light bulbs these days.
    Hope this helps.

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