6w dimmable led downlight kit

Dimmable LED downlights – the panacea for your downlight challenges

6w dimmable led downlight kit
6w dimmable led downlight kit in white - £21.81

We now have the ultimate solution to your dimmable LED downlight challenges – at an affordable price!

Our 6w LED dimmable downlight kit is an all-in-one solution to your downlight needs:

  • Dimmable bulb compatible with 99% of household dimmers
  • Only 6w per bulb, save nearly £10 per bulb vs a 50w halogen bulb
  • The perfect alternative to high energy 50w halogen bulbs
  • Warm white (3000K colour)
  • Standard mains voltage GU10 capped fitting – no transformers required, just wire up to the mains
  • Fire-rated for 90 minutes
  • Hole size required: 72mm – minimum ceiling void depth: 125mm

…and all at just £21.81 inc vat! (£21.81 in white finish, £22.44 in brushed nickel, chrome and brass) – prices correct at time of writing.

The kit consists of:

  • a mains voltage GU10 downlight unit
  • a 6w dimmable LED bulb in warm white

LED bulbs are no longer the harsh blue-white colour that they used to be.  The 6w Sun-Star Pro produces a lovely warm white colour (3000K) at the same 38 degree beam angle as your halogen bulbs used to.  It is also dimmable with 99% of household dimmers for complete control.

Bulb options

6w Sun-Star Pro dimmable LED bulb
6w Sun-Star Pro dimmable LED bulb

If you have additional specifications to be met, the above kit is made up of two components, either of which can be changed.

A daylight white (6500K) bulb is available: Dimmable LED GU10 6W Sun-Star Pro (daylight white).

The daylight colour spectrum is perceived brighter than warm white, is more like natural sunlight in colour and is also used to combat seasonal disorders or feelings of fatigue.

Bathroom options

If you are fitting downlights in bathroom, especially directly over a bath or shower you will need an IP65 version of this downlight. They are available in various finishes:

For information about bathroom ‘zones’ and IP ratings please see our bathroom lighting article.

Tilt / Angled options

We also have a tilt version of this downlight with a 10-15 degree tilt, available in various finishes:

If you have any questions about these fittings, please get in touch!


2 thoughts on “Dimmable LED downlights – the panacea for your downlight challenges”

  1. Anthony Fellows

    The LED downlight Sun-Star Pro would be ideal for my intended purpose of lighting in our summer house, which will have a solar panel charged 18Ah battery power source.

    Presumably this fitting has an LED driver to convert mains voltage down to 12 Volts or so. Is this is the case? I would prefer to run directly from the battery rather than having to buy an inverter.

    Your reply would be much appreciated.

    Best regards

    Anthony Fellows

  2. Actually the Sun-Star Pro is a GU10 bulb so runs at mains voltage so might not be suitable.

    For a 12v bulb you will need an MR16 bulb such as this one:

    MR16 LED Spot bulb (2.5w)

    It’s only 2.5w so should be good for your batteries, it has a wide 100 degree beam angle and is very bright considering the low wattage.

    Hope this helps!

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