Interactive LED GU10 bulb chart

So many LED GU10 bulbs, so little time – this is the challenge that people have faced when choosing an appropriate GU10 LED bulb, so we have created the Interactive LED GU10 bulb chart!

It shows all the GU10 options available in an easy to understand way with the brighter bulbs at the top and the more expensive options on the right.

If you have specific requirements regarding beam angle, dimmable-ness, size, or colour temperature you can also filter out bulbs that don’t meet your requirements making your choice even easier!

And if you just don’t want to bother, why not use our knowledge and expertise and check out our recommendations, below?

The best all rounder

A quality product with lots of light and it’s dimmable

GU10 LED 6.6w dimmable spot bulbFor perfect fit-and-forget GU10 LED lighting, we recommend the 6.6w warm white Sun-Star bulb from Prolite. It’s a great direct replacement for an old style 50w halogen lamp in terms of brightness, light colour and dimming. The only gotcha is that it’s slightly longer at 60mm, rather then the standard 55mm for a halogen lamp. This will not be a problem in most light fittings.

The best non-dimmable option

Plenty of light but no dimming

3w LED GU10 spot bulbThe 3w LED bulb from tp24 produces a lot of light (brighter than all the other products at this price point), and they are a very competitive price.

The best budget option

Great value GU10 LED bulb that’s as cheap as chips (nearly)

cheap LED GU10 spot bulbThe 2.5w GU10 LED bulb from Prolite is currently the best value LED GU10 lamp that we have. It might not be the brightest, but it’s certainly no slouch.

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