Searchlight Black Wave Pendant

Now Available: 200+ New Fittings from Searchlight Electric

Searchlight Black Wave Pendant
Black Wave Pendant from Searchlight

We are proud to announce that My Green Lighting is now an approved reseller of Searchlight Electric products. Searchlight was founded in 1945 and have been manufacturing quality lighting fittings ever since. They are now one of the largest lighting manufacturers in the UK, supplying high street shops and a very limited number of on-line retailers. The product range covers a wide range of styles from ultra modern stylish fittings to traditional classic styles.

We have already added more than 200 new light fittings from Searchlight to My Green Lighting in addition to the 700+ fittings that were already available. This means that we now offer a choice from over 900 different light fittings.

If you have previously been unable to find something that fits the style of your lounge, dining room or any other room for that matter, you might want to take a look as our range now has many more options:

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The new additions include:

Energy saving options available

Many of the new Searchlight fittings are supplied with light bulbs, but some are supplied without, giving you the choice of which bulbs to use. Whether the fittings are supplied with bulbs or not we list low energy bulbs options for all the fittings, to save you from having to work out which ones are suitable. Low energy bulbs make your new fittings even more gorgeous by saving you energy every time you flick the switch or rotate your dimmer.

If you are looking for low energy alternatives for fittings you already own, just check out our replacement bulb finder for the latest low energy options no matter what size / lamp cap / brightness you require.

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