UK designed and made hanging flower light shades

Snow-Lily-Group_03 If you are looking for a simple but unique way to liven up a dull hanging pendant without rewiring anything then try one of our hanging flower light shades.

Eye-catching and elegant designs, Snow, Lily & Lotus are a perfect way to hide a dull bulb on a pendant.  Made from recycled material in the UK they can only add to your green credentials and will have an immediate impact in your home.

The Snow & Lily each come in two sizes.  They can use used around the home in hallways, entrance lobbies, studies, nurseries or bedrooms – or combine as a group of flowers to create a memorable feature space above a breakfast table or landing.

flower-shades The Lotus design is available in 5 colours (white, yellow, grey, black, red), ideal for adding a dash of colour to any interior.

Each shade has a flat pack design and takes less than 20 minutes to crease and clip together and then fit on top of a ceiling hung pendant around any 20 watt max light bulb of which we have plenty of choice such as our 20w helix BC – if you want to show the true colours of the shade then why not try the daylight 20w helix BC (other lamp caps and sizes available).

If you can’t decide which design you prefer, why not choose by how much light each shade will give your room – pick your chosen ambience

* Bright – Lotus

* Soft / Bright – Snow (S); Lily (S)

* Soft / Dark – Snow (L)

* Dark / Ambient – Lily (L)

Note: Lotus Red and Lotus Yellow lend a red tone or a summery yellow tone to a room, respectively.

The Hanging Flower Light Shades are designed & made in the UK, and are produced with excellent ethical production values in place, meaning that you can sit back and enjoy your light shade in the full knowledge that they are produced in a very ethically responsible fashion. The list below outlines the main aspects of the Hanging Flower Light Shade® production.
• Cut, finished & packed in the UK, therefore sweat shop free.
• Snow & Lily light shade material, being recycled polypropylene, is made in Switzerland.
• Light shade material is 98% recycled post-consumer polypropylene plus 2% virgin material (necessary for colour).
• Polypropylene is 100% recyclable.
• Unlike PVC, polypropylene is chemically inert.
• Carton material is derived from managed forests in Europe.
• All production off-cuts are recycled.
• Designed for use with 20w max energy saving light bulbs.

flower shades in a line

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