Rustika and Imitation Carbon bulbs

We now have available a range of Rustika and imitation carbon bulbs in 40w and 60w from only £7.99 These decorative bulbs with their multiple anchor points for the filament inside have a unique look often used when photographing light fittings with the bulb turned on due to their low light output – and they are of course dimmable! Sometimes described as a vintage, retro, heritage, or even a 'squirrel cage' bulb, they are reminiscent of firelight in colour. Although you can use them insi ... read more

Luxembourg outdoor nautical / marine range

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Easter Present – at least 10% off all Searchlight light fittings!

Warning: we have at least 10% off Searchlight products this weekend, but 90% of this email involves egg puns... sorry! If you normally can't afford to shell out, this weekend is an ideal time to eggsperiment with some new lighting. Don't go all eggtraterrestrial on us but we are eggcited to announce an eggstraordinary 10% off all Searchlight light fittings – that should keep you sunny side up! Take a look at (eggsamine if you will) our website and you'll find we eggcel with our eggsaus ... read more

Easter Present - 10% off Searchlight light fittings

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LED Spot Bulb Beam Angle Guide

Giving spot bulbs the 3rd degree Here's our quick guide to spot bulb beam angles and why it might matter to you. [caption id="attachment_480" align="alignright" width="131" caption="6w Sun Star Pro Dimmable GU10"][/caption] ~38 degree Halogen spot bulbs such as GU10 and MR16 bulbs traditionally had a beam angle of approx 38 degrees.  This gives a very bright pool of light on the floor, but darker areas around that area.  This might give just the effect you are looking for, maybe even jus ... read more

6w Sun Star Pro Dimmable GU10

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Making a room feature the easy way

"It's easy to go through the motions when you're decorating; choosing neutral shades and decor has become the name of the game in order to create a pleasant living space for family, guests and not offend any potential future purchasers" - Good Homes blog, Interior Commotions ( In the current climate many people aren't moving and are instead turning to redecorating and renovating their current homestead. But at the back of your mind ( ... read more

Make a feature with light

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What’s the Best Low Energy Replacement: 60w GLS bulbs

[caption id="attachment_444" align="alignright" width="163" caption="60w incandescent GLS bulb"][/caption] In the first of our 'What's the Best Low Energy Replacement' series we are looking at the peoples favourite - the 60w incandescent bulb. Officially banned in Europe (at least for manufacturing), the 60w light bulb was a popular choice in many homes.  As the ones you have stop working you may be wondering what the current best replacement option is - and with so many acronyms we're he ... read more


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60 degree GU10 LED bulbs

For when 36 degrees is too small but 120 degrees is just too wide and noticeable in your eye line, you may be looking for a 60 degree beam angle LED GU10 spot bulb - and they have just arrived! [caption id="attachment_437" align="alignright" width="219" caption="Dimmable 5W GU10 LED (SMD, 60 degree) Warm White"][/caption] They are the same physical size as a halogen bulb making them a great retro-fit option and are available in warm white (3000K), cool white (4200K) and in dimmable or the ... read more

Dimmable 5W GU10 LED (SMD, 60 degree) Warm White

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