How much will I save using low energy bulbs?

Will energy efficient bulbs will save you money? Aren't low energy bulbs really expensive? What are the facts? The truth is that due to the price of energy, the amount of energy that halogen and incandescent bulbs use and their life-span, a low energy bulb will save you more money than you think. [caption id="attachment_312" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Savings calculator - how much will you save?"][/caption] If you don't just want to take our word for it you can calculate how ... read more


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Interactive LED GU10 bulb chart

So many LED GU10 bulbs, so little time - this is the challenge that people have faced when choosing an appropriate GU10 LED bulb, so we have created the Interactive LED GU10 bulb chart! It shows all the GU10 options available in an easy to understand way with the brighter bulbs at the top and the more expensive options on the right. If you have specific requirements regarding beam angle, dimmable-ness, size, or colour temperature you can also filter out bulbs that don't meet your requireme ... read more


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Ceiling fans are not only serviceable and stylish but save energy too!

[caption id="attachment_229" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Celestia II fan with graphite blades"][/caption] For year-round comfort and maximum energy savings, Westinghouse ceiling fans include a reversible switch that allows ceiling fans to be used during cool or warm weather. During the summer months keep your home cool by running your ceiling fan counter clockwise to allow air circulation throughout the room. It's no secret that ceiling fans are more cost-effective than air con ... read more

Celestia II fan with graphite blades

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Now Available: 200+ New Fittings from Searchlight Electric

[caption id="attachment_275" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Black Wave Pendant from Searchlight"][/caption] We are proud to announce that My Green Lighting is now an approved reseller of Searchlight Electric products. Searchlight was founded in 1945 and have been manufacturing quality lighting fittings ever since. They are now one of the largest lighting manufacturers in the UK, supplying high street shops and a very limited number of on-line retailers. The product range covers a wid ... read more

Searchlight Black Wave Pendant

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It’s KICO time!

Meet Lunardo, the man on the moon, who came down to earth to visit a zoo. Rockey the Rocket flew him there, what he would see was his only care. He visited the enclosures, and abracadabra, A Giraffe, a Monkey, and a Zebra. Snakey was there, Birdie up in a tree, Look carefully a beautiful flower named Florie. It would soon be time to say goodbye, But not before meeting Meria Butterfly   Time passed quickly, it was getting dark and he really needed to leave the par ... read more


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E12, E14, SES, E17 – all fingers and thumbs

[caption id="attachment_126" align="alignright" width="91" caption="11w ES T2 helix"][/caption] We are talking about lamp caps.  'Lamp caps' are the part of a light bulb which makes the electrical connection with your light fitting. These can often be described as BC (bayonet) or ES (Edison Screw developed by Thomas Edison), but in the case of screw-in bulbs there are quite a few similar names or codes for bulbs which are very similar - but get the wrong lamp cap and the bulb simply won't ... read more

ES and SES measurer

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