Differences between halogen, cfl and led spot (e.g. GU10) bulbs

[caption id="attachment_86" align="alignright" width="150" caption="High energy halogen GU10"][/caption] Since we are often asked, here is a quick guide to the differences between halogen, cfl (compact fluorescent) and led spot (e.g. GU10) bulbs: Halogen bulbs Halogen bulbs are cheaper to buy but much more expensive to run as they generally use either 35w or 50w per bulb, making them the most expensive over all. Halogen bulbs generally have a lifetime of 1000-2000 hours (1-2 years). ... read more

High energy halogen GU10

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Dimmable LED GU10 new bulb options

[caption id="attachment_68" align="alignright" width="152" caption="LED 4.5w dimmable GU10"][/caption] Until recently the dimmable GU10 LED bulbs were limited to approx 36 degree options such as the 50w equivalent Kosnic 5w dimmable GU10 or the 60w equivalent Kosnic 7w dimmable GU10. In many cases this was suitable as they have the same approx 36 degree beam angle as a halogen bulb giving a defined pool of light on the floor. However, we can also now offer a 4.5w dimmable GU10 LED bulb ... read more

LED 4.5w dimmable GU10

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Why you should microwave your tea

(original article by Piper Terrett from Yahoo UK Finance) Not all household appliances are created equal. Some use much more electricity than others.  We highlight the energy guzzlers and the more efficient appliances to help you save money. To save energy and tackle climate change, we are constantly being told to turn off household appliances and avoid leaving them on standby. However, the difficulty is that it's not always easy to tell which items use the most power. In other are ... read more


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