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Alternative LED dimmable downlights

In addition to the dimmable LED downlights that are shown above, you could also consider buying a downlight unit without a bulb, and a separate LED spot bulb. This would give you more choice of lamp styles and power levels.

How much energy will I save by using dimmable LED downlights?

LED dimmable downlights save you money

Lets get straight to it - if you currently have a room with 12 x 50w halogen downlights in it, and you swap them for e.g. 10w Elan LED downlights, then you will save £7.63 per year, per downlight - that's a whopping £91.56 per year!

To work that out, we used our energy saving calculator, to take into account the cost of replacement bulbs, and the cost of electricity, assuming that you run the lights for an average of 5 hours per day.

Dimmable LED downlights are currently the most efficient, downlight you can buy. LED light bulbs use much, much less power than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. They even use quite a lot less than fluorescent low energy bulbs, which have been around for some time. LED dimmable downlights have also been available for some time now, but until recently they were generally either very expensive, or not very bright.

Here at My Green Lighting, we have always tried to recommend products that are worth buying and that do the job you want them to. Previously dimmable LED downlights might have been super efficient, but if they generally leave you in the dark, then there's not much point at all.

Those days are gone, and now dimmable LED downlights are worth purchasing. Their pay-back time from the money you will save on your electricity bill compared with halogen spot lights is very small indeed. There's also no need to live in the gloom either - the current crop of dimmable LED downlights bulbs are very bright indeed, flooding your room with light.

We currently recommend the 10w Elan LED dimmable downlights if you are replacing the whole downlight unit or installing LED dimmable downlights for the first time. At 540 lumens it is one of the brightest options which can also be dimmed depending on the mood. These LED dimmable downlights are easily comparable to a 50w halogen in light output and the COB LED technology even looks similar to a halogen reflector bulb.

If you are looking for the best GU10 bulb option for your existing downlights we have a wide selection including 6.8w dimmable GU10's at very reasonable prices. Have a look at the full range of GU10 LED bulbs.

Dimmable LED downlights - are they worth considering?

Dimmable LED spot bulbs are now worth considering.

They may be a little more expensive than the non dimming type, but they now give you the same output with the added option of being able to set the mood if you so wish.

Soft-start switches / electronic switches and dimmable LED downlights.

Equally if you have 'soft start' (really these are a form of dimmer switch) or some electronic switches (rather than a standard flick switch) then you might want to consider LED dimmable downlights instead of the non dimming type, which would probably be damaged by your soft start switches.

Easier when bought as a kit!

We have LED dimmable downlights kits available including the dedicated low energy Elan downlight to make your choice easier.

Can I buy these dimmable LED spot light bulbs separately for use in my other light fittings?

Yes you can. We have a variety of LED GU10 bulbs available from 'retro-fit' (same physical size as a halogen bulb) to some which are longer than the standard 55mm bulb so you should be able to make a direct replacement in any GU10 based light fitting for instance savings on your electricity bill.

You can even convert your existing downlights!

Some of the longer bulbs also mean that you can convert your fluorescent downlights into dimmable LED downlights very easily - check the dimensions listed with each product.