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DazzLED DZ10023: 6w LED GU10, 6000K, 490lm, 120° beam - from £1.15
6w LED GU10
(6000K, 490lm, 120° beam)
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Product ref: 15369
Sylvania 0001095: 70w T8 Fluorescent tube, 5400K, daylight, triphosphor, 6ft, SAD - from £5.59
70w T8 6ft tube
(Daylight, 1764mm exc pins)
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Product ref: 1081
Pro-Lite GLS/LEDSL/8.5W/BC64: 8.5w LED GLS 6400K, B22, BC Bayonet Cap Daylight White 110v-240v - from £1.53
8.5w LED GLS bulb
(110v-240v, 6400K, B22/BC, Bayonet)
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Product ref: 9710
Pro-Lite GLS/LED/6W/BC/6400K/D: 6w LED GLS light bulb, dimmable, B22, 6400k - from £2.37
6w LED GLS light bulb
(dimmable, B22, 6400k)
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Product ref: 16260
Kosnic KFT28STD/2p-865: 28w 2D Butterfly CFL lamp, GR8, daylight white, 6500K, 2 pin, Exun-DD - from £4.41
28w 2D
(daylight white, 2 pin, Exun-DD)
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Product ref: 2876
Integral ILGLSB22DF102: 8.8w LED Classic Globe GLS, dimmable, 5000K, B22, 806lm =60w - from £1.71
8.8w LED Classic Globe GLS
(dimmable, 5000K, B22, 806lm =60w)
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Product ref: 15426
Pro-Lite GOLF/1.5W/ES/6000K: 240v 1.5w LED Golf Ball Bulb Screw Cap ES E27 6000K Decorative Festoon - from £1.36
1.5w LED Golf Ball Festoon Light
(ES, daylight white)
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Product ref: 15082
Pro-Lite R080/LED/9W/ES6K: 9w LED Low Energy R80 R080 Spot Bulb ES E27 Screw 6000K 170v-265v - from £3.20
9w LED Spot Bulb R80
(non dimmable, 6000K, E27, 1050lm =75w)
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Product ref: 14591
Sylvania 5412: 13w T5 Fluorescent tube 6500K 515mm excl pins CHECK LENGTH CAREFULLY - from £2.65
13w T5 Fluorescent tube
(515mm excl pins, 6500K)
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Product ref: 14772
Pro-Lite R50/LED/5W/SES6K: 5w LED Low Energy R50 Reflector Spot Bulb SES E14 Small Screw 6400K - from £2.42
5w LED Spot Bulb R50
(non dimmable, 6400K, E14, 450lm =40w)
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Product ref: 9599
V-TAC 1687: 5w GU10 LED, 6000K, wide beam angle, =35w - from £1.43
5w GU10 LED
(6000K, wide beam angle, =35w)
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Product ref: 10600
Osram OSRAM CFLDE2686: 26w G24-Q3 4 pin compact fluorescent bulb, 6500K, daylight white - from £2.26
26w 4 pin PL
(G24q-3, 6500K)
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Product ref: 2384
Pro-Lite PYGMY/LED/ES/WH: 2.6w 240v small pygmy appliance bulb daylight white ES E27 Screw Cap - from £2.03
240v 2.6w LED E27 ES Pygmy Bulb
(6400K, daylight white)
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Product ref: 14037
791427: 20w T10 fluorescent tube, 6400K, daylight, triphosphor, 580mm - from £2.15
30w T10 3ft tube
(White, 6500K, ~580mm)
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Product ref: 3161
Clearance: Pro-Lite S734: 24w 4 pin, low energy bulb with G24q-2 cap, 6400k, daylight white - £0.75
24w 4-pin Helix Spiral
(G24q-2, 6400K)
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Product ref: 15028

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The colour of the light from a daylight light bulb makes it especially suitable for any area where good light is required, e.g. as bathrooms kitchens or any area where detailed work such as sewing, reading or cooking etc. Colours will appear in their 'true' shades when viewed with a daylight light bulb.

Daylight light bulbs - lamp caps

We have daylight light bulbs available in many different sizes, types and lamp caps e.g. bayonet (BC/B22), screw (ES/E27), small screw (SES/E14), GU10, G4 etc, GX53 / disc, PL caps (e.g. G23, G24, 2G11 and fluorescent tubes (e.g. T5, T8).

Daylight light bulbs - output equivalence

We have daylight light bulbs ranging in wattage from as low as 1.5w to over 100w but output-wise can be as bright as a 500w flood light.

Daylight light bulbs - use them everywhere

Some examples:

gx53 LED daylight light bulbs

Under kitchen cabinets you could use cool/daylight G4 LED discs or a 3.5w GX53 daylight light bulb in your existing fittings.

GU10 LED daylight light bulbs

In your recessed downlights you should then fit something like a 5w GU10 daylight spot light bulb.

20w helix daylight light bulbs

For general household room use we recommend classic globe LED daylight bulbs such as the 13w Classic Globe LED - although we have options as small as the mini 3.5w LED ses (cool/daylight) light bulb at less than 8cm tall and as large as the 105w Daylight Light Bulb (ES) which is 30cm (approx 1ft) tall and as bright as a 500w incandescent light.

If you have any questions about the best bulb for your fitting or situation, please get in touch.