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11w Daylight T2 Helix (ES)


This is product manufacturers code HELIXT2/11W/ES64 by Pro-Lite. If you need to contact us about this product, please quote our product reference of 622.

This lamp uses T2 technology to be one of the smallest, fastest quickest bulbs on the market.

The T2 technology is essentially a thinner glass tube which can be twisted into a tighter turns, resulting in the smallest, brightest, compact fluorescent lamps possible.

It's small size makes this bulb ideal for table lamps, bedside lights, or any general lighting purpose.

At just over 80mm tall this bulb is smaller than most 'normal' bulbs and as it produces 550 lumens it's almost as bright as a 'high energy' 60w bulb. When we visually compared a regular 60w bulb to this 11w lamp, the low energy bulb appeared to be brighter.

Daylight bulbs

The colour of the light makes this bulb especially suitable for any area where good light is required, e.g. as bathrooms kitchens or any area where detailed work such as sewing, reading or cooking etc. Colours will appear in their 'true' shades when viewed with this type of light.

Daylight bulbs are also suitable for use in SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) such as light boxes and alarm clocks etc.

The colour of the light is 6400K which is the same colour as sunlight

Daylight Sizes and Wattages

We stock a wide rage of daylight bulbs in various sizes, wattages and lamp caps.

To find a different size or wattage, either select the 'Alternative products' tab above, or try our Replacement Daylight Bulbs section.

Comparing light bulbs

When you're comparing light bulbs to decide which one to buy, remember that light output is measured in lumens. Some bulbs produce more lumens for the same amount of electricity (measured in watts), which means that not all bulbs of the same wattage are the same brightness.This bulb produces 550 lumens from 11w of power, giving an 'A' energy rating of 50 lumens per watt.

T2 Technology

T2 lamp technology brings many advantages. Gone are the days when low energy bulbs took an age to reach full brightness. This lamp will start instantly at about 80% of it's full brightness, and reach 100% in just a few seconds.Gone too are the days when low energy bulbs were too big for your light shades, and horrid to look at.

We really can't explain in words how much of technological leap forward T2 bulbs are. Smaller, Faster cheaper to run and brighter than ever before - what's not to like? Buy yours today.

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A ultra compact 11w T2 daylight bulb with a bayonet fitting.