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LED bulbs - GU10

At the moment, using an LED light bulb is a really good option to replace existing halogen GU10 bulbs. We have 50w halogen replacment LED light bulbs from as little as 3w - but for a true comparison between GU10 LED light bulbs we suggest you read the lumen output listed in the Specifications section for each LED bulb.

Dimmable GU10 LED bulbs

For complete control and future-proofing you may want to consider a Dimmable GU10 LED light bulb. They don't cost much more than the non-dimming variety and could save you a lot of time and agro in the future.

LED candle options

LED candle light bulbs are becoming very popular with more and more options available. If you are interested in sparkly candle shaped versions of LED light bulbs then look no further.

Dimmable candle options

We have dimmable candle-shaped LED light bulbs from just 4w in bayonet (B22/BC), Edison screw (E27/ES) or small Edison screw (SES/E14) fittings.

Low Voltage (12v) options

Without dedicated drivers there aren't as many 12v options for LED light bulbs, but we do have some such as the MR16 6w LED warm white led bulb which is designed to work equally well on a halogen transformer as an LED driver. We also have a range of MR11 and G4 LEDs designed for under-cabinet use, for example in kitchens and display cabinets: MR11 & G4 LED capsules and disc bulbs.

Round / GLS options

We have also started stocking various LED light bulbs to replace regular 'bulb' shaped and golf ball shaped bulbs such as the Mini 3.5w LED SES (warm white) pygmy bulb and golf ball LED light bulbs in assorted colours.

Dimmable downlights

If you are looking for a complete dimmable downlight then we suggest you try our 10w Elan dimmable downlight kit. As a complete integrated solution it is something you can simply fit and forget and the brightest option available anywhere.

Alternatives - LED dimmable downlights

As an alternative to intergrated dimmable LED downlights, you could also consider buying a downlight unit without a bulb, and a separate LED spot bulb. This would give you more choice of lamp styles and power levels.

How much energy will I save by using dimmable LED downlights?

LED dimmable downlights save you money

Lets get straight to it - if you currently have a room with 12 x 50w halogen downlights in it, and you swap them for e.g. 6w LED downlights, then you will save around £10 per year, per downlight - that's a whopping £120 per year!

To work that out, we used our energy saving calculator, to take into account the cost of replacement bulbs, and the cost of electricity, assuming that you run the lights for an average of 5 hours per day.

Dimmable LED downlights are currently the most efficient, downlight you can buy. LED light bulbs use much, much less power than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. They even use quite a lot less than fluorescent low energy bulbs, which have been around for some time. LED dimmable downlights have also been available for some time now, but until recently they were generally either very expensive, or not very bright.

Here at My Green Lighting, we have always tried to recommend products that are worth buying and that do the job you want them to. Previously dimmable LED downlights might have been super efficient, but if they generally leave you in the dark, then there's not much point at all.

Those days are gone, and now dimmable LED downlights are worth purchasing. Their pay-back time from the money you will save on your electricity bill compared with halogen spot lights is very small indeed. There's also no need to live in the gloom either - the current crop of dimmable LED downlights bulbs are very bright indeed, flooding your room with light.

Latest Technology

LED bulbs are the latest energy saving technology for lighting and we think it'll be hard to beat. You can easily now light your entire house using bulbs that use 5w or less each. There are new options available all the time, so if you can't find what you are looking for, get in touch and ask for the latest information for your requirements.