4.6w LED bayonet bulb

Can you tell it’s a low energy bulb?

We are only just at the end of February and already 2014 is shaping up to be an interesting new with many new low energy lighting options and don’t forget to use your discount code to make further savings on these amazing new products!

Actually, ‘shaping up’ is a good phrase to start with as one of the biggest changes so far are new energy saving LED bulbs which are almost indistinguishable from the incandescent bulbs they replace.  We’d go as far to say that if you know somebody who doesn’t like the look of low energy bulbs, you could replace the bulbs in their house with these and they wouldn’t even notice – apart from in the amount that their electricity bulb reduces!

‘Omni’ LED Bulbs – Looks like a standard bulb!

4.6w LED bayonet bulb
4.6w LED bayonet bulb – equivalent to at least 40w

These new bulbs are LED bulbs which use very little power and are brighter than the incandescent bulbs they replace.  Of course, LED bulbs also start-up instantly (there is no warm-up time with an LED bulb) and they are also a warm white colour (not a blue-white associated with LEDs a number of years ago) – what’s not to like!

These ‘omni’ lamps (the name given to them by the manufacturer, Integral) are available in bayonet (BC) or edison screw (ES) cap in standard GLS / round / light bulb shape and also in a candle shape (bayonet and small screw caps).

The current full omni range:

2.9w LED candle ses/e14
2.9w LED candle ses/e14 – equivalent to at least 25w

Great for:

  • same appearance, size, feel and similar weight of a traditional light bulb without the heat!
  • round bulbs suitable for lamp shades which clip on to the round bulb shape
  • super-wide 330 degree beam angle
  • warm white
  • non-dimmable
  • A++ Energy rating

For more details and current prices, please visit the product page for these bulbs but in our calculations you could be saving up to £10 per year per bulb that you change to LED – see our energy saving calculator for more details of the savings you can make.

Other great-looking alternatives:


LED G4 & G9 replacement capsules

1.5w LED G4 - equivalent to ~15w halogen
1.5w LED G4 – equivalent to ~15w halogen

Halogen G4 (low voltage, 12v) and G9 (mains voltage, 230v) capsules get very hot – that is why they don’t have a long life-span.  A large amount of heat in a small area means that they need replacing often.  Replacing them can also be fiddly as you can’t touch a halogen capsule when installing it – the natural oils from your fingers would create a hot-spot on the bulb making it die even quicker.

We are therefore very pleased by the new LED G4 and G9 capsules.  These silicon-coated capsules can be touched when you install them – and if you drop one they even bounce!  They are much smaller than many other LED versions you may have seen – in fact they are now the same size as the halogens they replace.

At only 1.5w (G4) or 3w (G9) they use much less electricity, don’t get as burning-hot and the much longer life (~30,000 hours) means you won’t have to fiddle around changing them as often.

3w LED G9 capsule - replaces ~20w halogen
3w LED G9 capsule – replaces ~20w halogen

Current range LED G4 12v:


Current range LED G9 230v:

(NB: The higher the ‘K’ number, the more sparkly the light e.g. 6000K Daylight.)


LED GU10s – now under £4!

This year we also now have LED GU10 bulbs for under £4.  They are only 4w, have a completely flat front, and wide beam angle – install these in your recessed downlights and I doubt anybody will realise you are using LED bulbs.

GU10 4w LED (warm white, fresnel refractor) – £3.94


There is also a brighter 5.3w version from the same company with an anti-glare lens for £5.24:

5.3w GU10 LED GU10 5.3w LED (warm white, anti-glare refractor) – £5.24


These prices are hard to beat – and each bulb you change could save you more than £7 per year!


When only the classic-look will do

Carbon Imitation Filament If you have a fitting that only looks good when using an old-school filament lamp then we do also have a range of bulbs to make your fittings stand out.  They aren’t low energy, but sometimes its the best option for your decorative lantern.

They are often called Rustika, squirrel cage, imitation carbon amongst other names and they are available in bayonet and screw caps in 40w and 60w.

Current range includes:

Imitation Carbon Bulbs
Imitation Carbon Bulbs
Rustika / Squirrel Cage Bulbs - On
Rustika / Squirrel Cage Bulbs – On
Rustika / Squirrel Cage Bulbs
Rustika / Squirrel Cage Bulbs


Keep up with the latest

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