Rydall metal shade

When the shade says 60w max…

Historically, many light fittings and shades had a little sticker somewhere on them which said ‘40 max‘ or ‘60w max‘ so that you knew not to exceed that wattage when choosing a light bulb.

But with so many low energy options available, what does that sticker really mean now?

Normally, the reason for saying ‘max 60w’ was that a brighter light bulb would have been 100w. As well as giving more light, a 100w bulb would have been much hotter and more likely to damage a shade or fitting from heat problems.


Fabric / material shade
Fabric / material shade

Fabric / material

Therefore, if your shade is made of fabric / material, an increased amount of light on a regular basis could potentially cause the shade to fade – much the same as any material left in direct sunlight. We would therefore recommend a low energy bulb which gives light output similar to a 60w bulb, for example:

(candle, golf ball and other lamp caps also available)


Rydall metal shade
Rydall metal shade

Glass / metal

However, if your shade or fitting is more open, made of materials which won’t fade or warp (such as glass or metal) then a brighter low energy bulb may be suitable as they will generate more light, but won’t generate as much heat.

Therefore, for example you could use:

(other bulb shapes, lamp caps and brighter alternatives also available).


Replacement bulbs

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