Rustika and Imitation Carbon bulbs

Rustika vintage light bulb We now have available a range of Rustika and imitation carbon bulbs in 40w and 60w from only £7.99

These decorative bulbs with their multiple anchor points for the filament inside have a unique look often used when photographing light fittings with the bulb turned on due to their low light output – and they are of course dimmable!

Sometimes described as a vintage, retro, heritage, or even a ‘squirrel cage’ bulb, they are reminiscent of firelight in colour. Although you can use them inside a lamp shade, they often look best without, or in fittings that make them the centre of attention such as the Luxembourg outdoor nautical / marine range.

You may have seen these bulb in pictures and magazines such as Good Homes or Ideal Home as they photograph well and give the room a warm glow.

We have 2 styles available (both in 40w and 60w ES screw caps). The larger bulb is the 14.3cm long, 6.4cm wide ‘Rustika’ bulb which is 200 lumens for the 40w version and 300 lumens for the 60w version. These have 20 anchor points for the filament which runs up and down the full length of the bulb to give a beautiful effect.

GLS imitation carbon bulb The smaller version is the ‘carbon imitation’ bulb at a more standard GLS-type height of 10.7cm and 60cm wide. 150 lumens for the 40w version and 250 lumens for the 60w version. These have 23 anchor points arranged to make the filament into a spiral inside the bulb.

These bulbs will look great in your vintage or retro indoor or outdoor fittings, or you could brighten things up and use them on the end of one of our colourful Funk pendants (although not with a Funk shade as they are max 25w).

Please be aware that if you use them for long periods of time that they are some of the least inefficient bulbs that we stock (energy rating ‘G’) so your energy supplier will love you!



Funk Pendant - Chrome
Funk Pendant - Chrome
Luxembourg outdoor nautical / marine range
Funk Pendant - Red
Funk Pendant - Red

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