Easter Present - 10% off Searchlight light fittings

Easter Present – at least 10% off all Searchlight light fittings!

Decco 4 (satin silver)
Warning: we have at least 10% off Searchlight products this weekend, but 90% of this email involves egg puns… sorry!

Easter Present - 10% off Searchlight light fittings
Fisherman pendant from Searchlight If you normally can’t afford to shell out, this weekend is an ideal time to eggsperiment with some new lighting. Don’t go all eggtraterrestrial on us but we are eggcited to announce an eggstraordinary 10% off all Searchlight light fittings – that should keep you sunny side up!

Take a look at (eggsamine if you will) our website and you’ll find we eggcel with our eggsaustive range of light fittings. Make the rooms in your home eggseptional with a new chandelier, pendant, wall, table or floor lights and make further savings on your eggsorbitant electricity bill by choosing low energy bulbs!

How eggsotic!

This eggstreme 10% off our already eggcelant prices only lasts this Easter weekend and while stocks last (no eggseptions) so don’t crack up, scramble to place your order now!

Moroccan Pendant (large) Ok, we’ve poached all the best yolks, I’m beat and need to lay down. You can see our eggstensive Searchlight range here.

Un oeuf of the egg-puns? Eggsterminate!

Harvey Double PIR (stainless steel)

Stars 24 Touch Table (teardrop, black chrome)

1 thought on “Easter Present – at least 10% off all Searchlight light fittings!”

  1. Just like to say thanks for fast delivery of replacement neon tubes for my kitchen units ( MGL226307) I had given up hope of finding these when I moved into this house last year, until I found your website. And, great value as well.

    Many thanks.


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