It’s KICO time!

Kico Snakey bedside lamp

Kico Rockey the Rocket

Kico Lunardo - man in the moon

Meet Lunardo, the man on the moon,
who came down to earth to visit a zoo.

Rockey the Rocket flew him there,
what he would see was his only care.

He visited the enclosures, and abracadabra,
A Giraffe, a Monkey, and a Zebra.

Kico zoo ceiling light

Snakey was there, Birdie up in a tree,
Look carefully a beautiful flower named Florie.

It would soon be time to say goodbye,
But not before meeting Meria Butterfly


Time passed quickly, it was getting dark
and he really needed to leave the park.

Kico Meria Butterfly Kico Florie table / wall light Kico Birdey 3 spot bar

Back to space it was to be,
just in time to have his tea.

For today was his favourite evening treat,
Cheezzz is his preference, rather than meat.

Good night all, and to all a good night.
What a lovely day to have taken a flight.

KICO range from Massive Lighting

The right kind of lighting will help make your child’s room more fun. Good lighting makes your child’s room feel cosy and more fun to be in, but beyond that lighting gives a child the feeling of comfort and security as they wind down for the night.

The KICO collection offers a range of fun and child-safe lighting that is appealing to all youngsters. By using bright, bold, eye catching colours, these fabulous lights are perfect for children.

Designed for 0 to 12 year olds, KICO offer a range of unique, playful and outright fun light fittings.

Is your childs safety your main concern? There’s no need to panic as all of Massive’s KICO products are designed to follow the European “child appealing safety regulations”. Kico fittings also use child friendly materials such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) wood and non-toxic paint.

Most of the products in the KICO range include low energy light bulbs, or we can advise on suitable alternatives – not only do they offer great quality and energy efficiency, they also offer the right light output for your children.

There is a wide selection of children’s lights to compliment all sorts of bedroom themes, check out our range of children’s lighting:

Transform your child’s bedroom with a flick of a switch

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