Kinver LED flood light

What if it tempt you toward the flood (Hamlet)

“What if it tempt you toward the flood, my lord, Or to the dreadful summit of the cliff” (Hamlet, Shakespeare)

Well with these fantastically bright LED flood lights you need no longer worry about seeing in the dark, navigating a cliff edge, dark alley or just trying to find your wheelie-bin!  We have now increased our offering of low energy LED flood lights with an option for all budgets.

CFL flood light

We do of course have a 40w CFL flood light for just £25 which is a very good replacement for up to a 300w halogen lamp.  At a fantastic 60 lumens per watt from the supplied cool white 4000K lamp you get excellent colour rendering making this an ideal fitting for use with colour CCTV cameras, or anywhere a true colour floodlight is required.

Low Energy LED Flood Lights

Kinver LED flood light
Kinver LED flood light

LED flood lights really have come of age now and have to been seen to be believed – don’t look straight at them though or you won’t see anything else for a while.

For general outdoor home and garden lighting, whether for security purposes, lighting a driveway or garage access or a small car park try the Kinver LED floodlight range.  These 12w or 25w flood lights are very bright daylight-white LED flood lights available either with or without a PIR sensor – prices start at just £32.55.  They are no-nonsense fit-and-forget LED units with a 30,000 hour manufacturer-suggested average lifespan and a 120 degree beam angle.

In our tests the smaller 12w Kinver is suitable to light a small – medium sized patio or garden and for larger gardens and areas the 25w is more than adequate!

If you need to floodlight pathways, lawns or uplight trees and bushes you can also convert any Kinver fitting to a ground light using Kinver ground spikes (sold separately) – they simply screw in to the mounting bracket, what could be simpler!

On An Industrial Scale

50w LED flood light
50w LED flood light

If you need up to a 500w halogen or 250w metal halide replacement flood light in a bullet-proof case you should look no further than our Pro-Lite LED flood lights.  They are available in the following configurations starting at £59.40:

Multiple 50w units were bought from us and used to very brightly flood-light the driveway to a big winter party by events company, Starlight Design.

If you have any questions about which option may be best suited for your requirements, please let us know.

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