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Savings calculator

(Updated with info for the UK energy price cap in October 2022)

This calculator lets you compare two products and calculate their total costs over a year of use, factoring in the purchase costs and the electricity usage.

TL;DR : You can save lots of money by switching your old, high energy lighting to LED

Some energy saving (LED) bulbs might initially look a bit expensive to buy, but when compared with a high energy alternative the savings quickly stack up when you consider the running costs.

Switching just one 50w halogen bulb to an LED alternative could save you nearly £30 a year

All LED bulbs will save you money, but working out exactly how much cash you will save can be difficult. Our savings calculator will tell you exactly how much you will save each and every year when you buy an energy efficient LED light bulb.

In October 2022 the UK government limited the amount that electricity companies can charge on most tariffs, per-unit of electricity to 34p, so this is the figure we use here to calculate electricity costs.

You might think that LED bulbs are not very good, produce an unpleasant light or can not be dimmed. This is simply wrong - modern products are very good indeed. If you need help finding the right lighting products, please get in touch.

Energy Price Cap Confusion in October 2022

Very confusingly, most of the official information provided about the energy price cap describes the price cap as being £2500 per year for a typical household on a variable rate tariff. This is not a maximum amount you will pay! If you use more than whatever a 'typical houshold' is, then you will pay more than £2500, and if you use less, you will pay less.

If you have a fixed-rate contract then it's slightly different, and naturally the fine details are a bit complicated because there's a government and an energy supply company involved, but you will probably pay no more than the new cap unit rates.

The capped unit rates for electricty (34p) and gas (10.4p) are much more useful than a total 'typical' annual amount. This is what you are likely to pay, (in addition to your supplier's daily standing change) no matter how much energy you actually use.

Electricity cost and time used

To calculate and compare the running costs of your lights, we need to know how much time you use them for, and how much your electricity costs.

Unit price of your electricity (kw/h)


Average use per day


Purchase price, expected life, and power usage

Purchase price


Expected product life


Product wattage



  GU10 50w Spot (Aluminium) 3.6w LED GU10 Bulb (2700K, glass, non dimmable, 390lm =50w, 36° beam)
Replacement period
Quantity required each year
Annual purchase price   £ £
Annual electricity used kwh (units) kwh (units)
Annual electricity cost £ £
Total cost per year £ £

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