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Savings calculator

Although energy saving bulbs initially look expensive to buy, once compared with a high energy alternative the savings are quickly evident! Energy costs are not coming down so let us help you keep your bills down and reduce your carbon footprint.

Each 50w halogen bulb you use costs you more than £10 a year compared to an LED alternative.

All energy saving bulbs will save you money, but working out exactly how much cash you will save can be difficult.

Our savings calculator will tell you exactly how much you will save each and every year when you buy an energy efficient light bulb.

Power and time

To calculate how much it costs to run your products, we need to know how much time you use them for, and how much your electricity costs.

Price of electricity (kw/h)  pence
Average use per day  hours 


Standard product vs Energy saving alternative

  33w G9 Halogen Light Bulb (clear) 2.5w GU10 LED bulb (warm white)
Purchase price  pounds (£)
Expected product life  hours
Product wattage   watts



  33w G9 Halogen Light Bulb (clear) 2.5w GU10 LED bulb (warm white)
Replacement period  
Quantity required each year  
Annual purchase price   £ £
Annual electricity cost   £ £
Total cost per year  £ £
Total savings each year with
the 2.5w GU10 LED bulb (warm white)