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28w Energy Saver G9 capsule

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G9 halogens

The small size of G9 halogen capsule bulbs means that many modern decorative light fittings utilise a G9 bulb, as they will fit in small glass shades where standard bulbs wouldn't fit.

(When installing a halogen bulb, make sure that you do not touch the glass part of the bulb with your bare skin - e.g. fingers, as the natural oils from your skin can considerably reduce the life of the bulb.

Our G9 lamps range includes:
g9 bulbs
g9 capsules
g9 halogen bulbs

G9 bulbs

A G9 bulb will generally last for about 1000 hours. This isn't a long time if it's used on a regular basis in fact it will be about 6 months on a main light fitting that you use ever day, so it's worth keeping some spares in the cupboard. It also cheaper to buy a larger quantity.

Halogen bulb, mains and low voltage downlights can be dimmed using normal light dimmers, althought with low voltage you must make sure that your transformer is compatibile with the dimmer switch.

LED G9 bulbs

We also now have LED G9 bulbs in stock, which fit the majority of household light fittings. With the LED version you can touch it without harming it - and some versions have a silicon outer so they even bounce if accidentally dropped! At around 3w and 30,000 - 50,000 hours they are a great fit and forget option - buy some now and see the savings in your electricity bill.

Lights in Bathrooms

Be careful choosing lights for bathrooms! They need to conform to the electrical regulations which depends upon their actual position - see bathroom electrical zoning page and the fire rated downlights information below.