Replacement bulbs Linear flood bulbs 400w 118mm Linear Halogen (500w eq)

400w 118mm Linear Halogen (500w eq)

400w 118mm Linear Halogen (500w eq)


This is product manufacturers code 241633 by Lumineux. If you need to contact us about this product, please quote our product reference of 1098.

This is a Linear halogen tube bulb, it's often used in uplighters, floodlights and ceiling lighting. It's suitable for outdoor use in a closed light fitting.

This bulb replaces the 500w halogen bulb which is no longer allowed to be manufactured in the EU. The good news is that this bulb gives the same output as the 500w version but saves 100w or 20% on your energy bill (C rated bulb) and is a direct replacement for a 500w halogen.

The high wattage makes it by no means energy saving, or efficient. It's best used for short periods, such as security lights activated by PIR sensors, and other situations where you need instant light. In these cases more efficient sources of light might not be suitable due to warm up times etc.

Lights that are on for long periods of time e.g. main room lights, or outdoor lights that are on all night, should ideally use a more efficient source of light.

As with all linear halogen lamps, while installing the lamp it's important not to touch the glass part of the lamp with bare skin as the natural oils from your skin can cause the lamp to fail prematurely. If you do touch the lamp, then you should use alcohol to remove the oils from the glass.

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400w 118mm linear halogen tube bulb. This is a C rated bulb, with equivalent light output to an older 500w lamp