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Bathroom lighting

This page contains information for guidence only. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of any product for a particular location, please consult a qualified electrician.

Current wiring regulations have identified certain zones within the bathroom to indicate which type of electrical equipment can be fitted. Lighting deemed suitable to go in these zones is given an Ingress Protection (IP) number. The first number shows the level of mechanical protection (e.g. protection from dust) and the second shows the level of moisture protection. In both cases, the higher the number the better the protection. If a piece of equipment does not have an IP number it must not be used in zones 0, 1 or 2.

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Bathroom Zones top
Bathroom Zones side
  Where Required IP Rating
Zone 0 Inside the bath tub or shower tray (e.g. underwater lighting) At least IP67 and any lighting in this area must be low voltage (12v maximum)
Zone 1 Directly over the bath tub or shower tray to a height of 2.25m At least IP65 and if the fitting is 240v a 30ma RCD must be used to protect the circuit
Zone 2 Over the bath tub or shower tray above zone 1 and the area stretching 60cm outside the perimiter of the bath, shower tray or wash basin and any area within a 60cm radius of any tap At least IP44
Zone 3 Any area outside zone 2 where no water jet is likely to be used. None specified

Bathroom light options

Flush bathroom lights

Often the simplest option for bathroom lights is a single flush ceiling light utilising cfl, fluorescent or LED bulbs. Some flush fittings including bathroom mirror lights can also be installed on the wall of your bathroom.

Illuminated bathroom mirror lights

Mirrors can also be used as a bathroom light source with an increasing number of different designs. An illuminated mirror adds that extra 5-star feeling to your bathroom lighting.

Bathroom pendant lights

If you have the ceiling height and don't just want a simple flush fitting we also have a range of low energy pendant bathroom lights which are also IP65 rated for bathroom use.

Bathroom wall lights

Often used to compliment ceiling lights and put the light in your bathroom exactly where you want it, bathroom wall lights are a great addition to any bathroom.

Spot-type bathroom lights

A very popular fitting to add a bit of direction and sparkle, bathroom spot lights are often the lowest energy option as many are supplied with energy saving LED bulbs.

LED Bathroom Down Lights

If you require dedicated low energy lighting for your bathroom extension or new-build home we have a couple of downlight ranges to choose from. The 10w Elan dimmable LED downlight is a dedicated solution and a true fit-and-forget option.

Bathroom downlight light kits

You can also simply choose an IP65 downlight and then one of our range of GU10 LED bulbs for the greatest amount of flexibility and choice.

Calculate your savings

If you want to compare high energy and low energy bulb options, try our energy saving calculator e.g. this comparison between a 6w GU10 LED and a 50w halogen GU10 bulb - a saving of £9.73 per bulb per year!