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Pro-Lite HELIX/30W/BC/640: 30w low energy saving daylight bulb, Bayonet, BC, B22, 6400K, SAD - from £2.44
30w daylight bulb
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Product ref: 324
LyvEco 3696: 24w LED GLS Bulb, non dimmable, 4000K, B22, 2452lm =150w - from £5.85
24w LED GLS Bulb
(non dimmable, 4000K, B22, 2452lm =150w)
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Product ref: 13399
Pro-Lite PYGMY/LED/2W/BC/22KD: 240v 2w LED Pygmy Bulb, B22, 2200K, dimmable, clear, 160lm - from £3.00
240v 2w LED Pygmy Bulb
(B22, 2200K, dimmable, clear, 160lm)
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Product ref: 29105
LyvEco 3682: Flickering 'Flame' Effect bulb, bayonet - from £4.81
Flickering 'Flame' Effect bulb
Product ref: 13526
Clearance: Pro-Lite HELIX/25W/BC/BLB: 25w Helix spiral low energy black light CFL, Bayonet, BC, B22, blue - £6.25
25w Helix UV black light
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Product ref: 6068
419678700: 235v 25w oven appliance light bulb, 300 degrees, BC, B22, bayonet cap - from £1.00
235v 25w Oven Bulb
(B22, dimmable, clear, 300 degrees)
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Product ref: 8766
Pro-Lite GOLF/1.5W/BC/3000K: 1.5w LED Golf Ball Bulb Bayonet BC B22 Warm White Decorative Festoon - from £1.36
1.5w LED Golf Ball Festoon Light
(B22, 3000K)
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Product ref: 15075
640028400-1: A 28w twisted style candle bulb with BC, B22 Bayonet Halosaver candle. - from £1.93
28w Large Twisted Candle
(BC / B22)
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Product ref: 7513
LyvEco 3694: 20w LED GLS, non dimmable, 4000K, B22, 1920lm =125w - from £5.18
(non dimmable, 4000K, B22, 1920lm =125w)
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Product ref: 13368
LyvEco 4600: 8w LED Filament GLS, Clear, BC, 2700K - from £2.46
8w LED Filament GLS
(Clear, BC, 2700K)
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Product ref: 13372
Integral ILGLSB22DC123: 11.2w Filament LED GLS, dimmable, 2700K, B22, 1521lm =100w - from £4.60
11.2w Filament LED GLS
(dimmable, 2700K, B22, 1521lm =100w)
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Product ref: 17847

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