Replacement bulbs Fluorescent tubes T4 22w T4 fluorescent tube (6200K, 726mm inc pins, 711mm excl pins)

22w T4 fluorescent tube (6200K, 726mm inc pins, 711mm excl pins) 3222TUBE - Dencon Accessories

Dencon Accessories 3222TUBE: 22w T4 fluorescent tube, 6200K, 726mm inc pins, 711mm excl pins - from £2.75

Description of 3222TUBE - Dencon Accessories

This is product manufacturers code 3222TUBE by Dencon Accessories. If you need to contact us about this product, please quote our product reference of 12174.

This is a 22w T4 tube that is 711mm long excluding the pins at each end. It is used in under cupboard lights and some illuminated mirrors.

Please be aware that there are multiple sizes of 22w T4 tube available. This product is also a non-standard colour temperature at 6200K and is considered daylight white, most T4s on the market are a warmer colour temperature.

This 22w bulb is 711mm long excluding pins and 726mm long including pins. The manufacturer specifies a tolerance of +/- 2mm for these tubes.

Please note: When buying T4 lamps, it is important to purchase lamps from the same manufacturer as the light fitting that you have or at least check the size very carefully. T4 lamps vary between manufacturers in tube length and cap style, so are unlikely to fit other manufacturers fittings.

T4 fluorescent fittings have been discontinued since 2015 due to EU regulations. The electronics are located in the light fitting and not the tube. If you are finding your lamps are not lasting as long as expected, this would indicate a fault in the light fitting and not the tube - unless the tube is physically smashed it's very unlikely to have a fault. You can test tubes and fittings by swapping tube from another working fitting. Unfortunately manufacturers no longer provide a guarantee for T4 tubes, as the light fittings they are installed into may be approaching the end of their life.

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