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28w Energy Saver G9 capsule


This is product manufacturers code KHS28CPL/G9-CLE by Kosnic. If you need to contact us about this product, please quote our product reference of 590.

Energy saving, 28w G9 bulb that is equivalent to a regular 40w G9 bulb.

These G9 bulbs are more efficient than regular G9s. They use a special blend of gas in the capsule to allow the G9 lamp to produce more light for less power. They are approximately 30% less power than efficient than regular G9 bulbs.

Rated at only 28w each, these G9 bulbs will produce nearly the same amount of light as as a normal 40w lamp.

Most 40w G9 bulbs will produce approximately 12 lumens (the measure of light) per watt of power used (480 lumens), but these energy saving 28w versions will produce about 13.2 lumens per watt (370 lumens). To put this into context a regular 25w G9 bulb will produce about 250 lumens.

The energy efficient G9 bulbs are no different in size, or appearance to a regular halogen capsule - they simply use less power for more light.

(When installing a halogen bulb, make sure that you do not touch the glass part of the bulb with your bare skin - e.g. fingers, as the natural oils from your skin can considerably reduce the life of the bulb)

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Energy saving, 28w G9 bulb that is equivalent to a regular 40w G9 bulb.