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LyvEco 3682: Flickering 'Flame' Effect bulb, bayonet - from £4.81
Flickering 'Flame' Effect bulb
Product ref: 13526
LyvEco 3683: Flickering 'Flame' Effect bulb, large screw cap - from £4.81
Flickering 'Flame' Effect bulb
(large screw cap)
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Product ref: 13527
289890500: Ship Navigation Lamp SN-T 65W/2250C/220/P28S Marine Boat Light Bulb - from £4.94
65w 220v Ship Navigation Marine Lamp
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Product ref: 6355
289890100: 40w 24v Ship Navigation Marine Lamp, P28s, 550lm - from £4.58
40w 24v Ship Navigation Marine Lamp
(P28s, 550lm)
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Product ref: 14602
L024108405: 4w Decorative LED Filament Amber Lantern Light Bulb ES E27 screw cap - from £5.69
4w Filament LED Lantern
(amber, dimmable, ES/E27)
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Product ref: 8825

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